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how to layer your necklace pieces


How to Layer Necklaces


Multi-layered necklace is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to upgrade their outfit to a whole new level but still give an effortlessly impression. However, layering necklaces is not an easy task at all, even for the seasoned fashionista. There are simply so many styles, colors, lengths and materials to choose from. If you find yourself struggling with how to wear a layered necklace, follow this simple guide on wearing multi-strand necklaces.

The combination of our Initial Necklace


Before we start, there are a couple of ground rules when in that you should bear in mind when trying to wear long layered necklaces:

1. Vary your necklaces by length

The combination of our Necklace With Coordinates

Don’t try to wear multiple layered chains of the same length. You will end up with all your necklaces in disarray, jumbling up in a tangled mess. When you stagger your necklace mix by length, every piece will lay flat on its own, allowing others to appreciate the detail in each piece. A good, classic mix will be a choker, a princess length necklace and a matinee length piece.

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2. When in doubt, always wear an odd number of necklaces

The rule of third in art and decor applies to fashion just as well. Stick with odd numbers: wear 3 necklaces for an easy pairing, and 5 when you want to make an impact. The odd number of necklaces will provide a pleasing balance – there’s a reason why “3 layer necklace” or “3 tier necklace” are among the most popular searches for layered necklace sets.

That said, double chain necklace is a wonderful way to layer your necklaces and spice up your accessories effortlessly. If you’re looking for a modern and classic style, a cute choker layered with a dainty heart pendant necklace or bar necklace will look absolutely gorgeous on any outfit. Many jewelers offer ready-mix double necklace set that will ensure you looking good always.

Our Gothic Initial Necklace (Duo Set)

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Step 1. Choose a piece to be the centre of the whole set

When you don’t know where to start in stacking necklaces, think about your most favorite necklace or the necklace that reflects your current mood. This will be the foundation for your layered necklace set. Your favorite dainty pendant necklace will become a lot more interesting when it becomes the centre of a delicate layered necklace set that comprise some simple chains of different texture.

Step 2. Mix and match within one theme

After choosing the center necklace, it’s time for your creativity to mix and match it with other necklaces in different styles, materials, lengths or colors. However, to avoid over-layering and end up with pieces that have nothing to do with one another, choose one theme (style, material or color) and stick with it.

For example, you might want to wear only gold chains and vary the chain styles. Or if you feel it’s a day for simplicity, just go for layering minimalist dainty necklaces to get an effortlessly elegant and chic look.

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Step 3. Simple is best

Less is more. Even for layering necklaces. The best guiding tip on how to layer necklaces is to keep it simple, don’t overdo it and just stay true to your personality and style.

A great idea for a simple yet special layered necklace set is accentuate it using personalized pieces such as a bar necklace or infinity sign necklace with your engraving.

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A simple choker and dainty necklaces for the cool minimalist fashionista

This is THE layered necklaces look that can never go wrong! Layer a gold or silver sleek choker with delicate necklaces to achieve this very fashionable and effortlessly chic look.

Worry that it is too simple? Try personalizing your delicate piece for a hidden subtle surprise!


From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:  Custom nameplate necklace – Coordinates necklace – Fingerprint Necklace – Name necklace

2. Wear layers of pendant necklaces with an oversize sweater or blouse for that Instagram model look

A look that you see everywhere on Instagram nowadays is layered charm necklaces with an oversized white or blush knit sweater or blouse. The textural contrast between beautiful layers of shiny metals and the fuzzy cloth creates a sophisticated look that is both photogenic and sophisticated in real life.

Shop our range of personalized dainty necklaces for layering

3. For a boho look, add necklaces with bead, feather or tassel

If you want something more fun, don’t afraid to try on colorful multi-strand necklaces within the same color spectrum. Mix in texture and colors by adding in the unexpected fun beading and feathers with more boho style chains. Stick with a plain top for a more casual wear, or go full out boho for a music festival!

4. Lariat necklace as the longest chain in your set

Lariat necklaces are about the hottest must-haves in every fashion lover’s wardrobe right now, and for a reason! Lariat looks sophisticated on itself, and adds dimension to any layering necklace look. A dainty choker and a lariat necklace is a classic combination that compliments any outfit, while you can go all out with a chunky pendant and add a simple chain and a lariat to spice up that look. Lariat just seems to add that unexpected element to a stack of necklaces without going overboard.


One of the biggest concern when wearing multi layered necklaces is how to keep your necklaces from tangling. It could become a nightmare if you accidentally create a knot or damage the necklaces while trying to re-arrange them in vain. Don’t panic yet, use these helpful tips and you’ll be just fine:

1. Vary the length more

Necklaces are very unlikely to tangle when they have very different lengths. You can start with a choker or a very short necklace and it will stay still in one place rather than messing with other chains.

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2. Pay attention to its weight

You can keep chains separate from each other by weighing them down with a pendant or a stone. It is also suggested to pair thinner chain with thick chain when layering multi necklaces such as rope chain or the Cuban and Franco link, which are fashionable and easy to layer.

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3. Try different materials

Use a variety of material when layering like metals or leather cord not only give your necklace set a diverse and stylish look but also prevent your necklaces from tangling. Try stacking three unexpected necklaces together for one unique yet easy to maintain look!

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